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CAVA’s dips and spreads are available on the East Coast and Midwest in Whole Foods Markets and other speciality markets.


We’re spreading love across the country

Our specialty dips were born from the long line of Mediterranean tradition that first inspired CAVA. Prepared fresh daily in our production kitchen, these inspired spreads are delivered directly to local markets, ensuring only the highest-quality products are always on the shelves. Our commitment to meeting Whole Foods Markets' rigorous product standards and the acclaim we've achieved in our regions have brought us the opportunity to move quickly to other markets across the US.
We are proud that our products never contain artificial additives or preservatives, so they maintain their fresh, natural taste. All are vegetarian, low in calories, fat, and sodium. Most are vegan and gluten free.

When life and food are so linked, it can’t be about one or the other. CAVA is about a way of eating each day that fits into the way you aspire to live.